Reasons to Celebrate

Wow! What a weekend for celebrations! Today is Lily’s 14th birthday, but the festivities started yesterday as we started the day watching the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan! Such a lovely ceremony! I am a huge Anglophile, so this gave me the inspiration for Lily’s birthday party to be British themed. We had British plates and decor, and the ladies wore tiaras and fancy hats! It was a lot of fun! Then today, we attended the baptism of our niece, Briella, and our nephew, Lucas. I got a little teary eyed because God is so good! Then we attended the Quinceanara party for my cousin’s daughter, Gabby. That was a great party!

Sometimes, it is so hard for us to attend any of these types of functions because of logistics and most of the time one of us ends up going alone so the other one can stay home with Lily, and sometimes it is just hard to want to socialize and a lot of times the experiences are bittersweet. We try to get to as many things as we can because we know it’s important to be there for family and friends, and because you have to take every opportunity to celebrate. We know all too well how plans can change so we know that you have to live in the moment sometimes.

Speaking of events, I am going to put out one last plea for help with caring for Lily on June 17. We are looking for someone (or more than one person) to care for Lily on June 17. I had bought tickets to see U2 in Washington, DC, back in November, and had planned for us to stay there overnight after the concert. However, we will need care for Lily during the day on June 17 (I am not sure exactly how long). We will pay the caregiver for the time. If you or anyone you know may be interested in this, please let me know ASAP.

Thanks to everyone who has wished Lily a happy birthday! We are so grateful Lily is here and every birthday is a gift to US. She is so tough, strong, and resilient and we just want her to know how much we love her and need her, and that her life matters.

Much love to all!




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