Happy Keto New Year! Also how about that Super Moon?

Super Moon. Super Cold.

Good afternoon everyone!  This is Todd, and I am here to provide the “more details” that Melissa promised yesterday.  It was too cold to go outside so we both decided to have a sleepover in the room with Lily! Melissa slept on the couch/bed and I slept in a chair.

Lily had a little initial discomfort with the first higher fat meal, but the second one went much better.  For the first 24 hours, we are monitoring her blood sugar to make sure it does not go too low as her body works through her glucose stores and starts to use fats as her primary fuel source. (This means  a couple of finger pricks, but Lily is such a trooper!)

The classical ketogenic diet is a much more stringent version of the diet that Melissa and I have been following. We eat what we want in moderation while limiting the number of carbs we consume in a day.

Lily’s nutrition is a whole other animal! We are going to be leaving the hospital with a scale and recipe for her daily formula. It’s only 3 or 4 ingredients, but our goal will be to deliver a precise ratio of nutrition (4.5 grams of fat to ever 1 gram of protein/carbohydrate) in every drop of formula.  This level of precision will require some extra work on our part, but we are hopeful to see improvements in as little as two weeks!

While we have been attending classes daily to learn about the diet and how to prepare it, Lily has been relaxing with Child Life.  Bingo, nail salon and Season 3 of Fuller House were on tap for today.  Lily will be going on the full strength formula tonight and assuming all goes well we will be on our way back home tomorrow afternoon.

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Thank you for the update Todd. I am always keen to know how our sweet Lily is doing.
Fingers crossed for good results.XXX

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