Five Years

I can’t believe I am even writing that tomorrow is five years since Lily’s accident. I don’t even know what to say this time. I always have so much on my heart and mind and it’s difficult to express most of the time. Mostly it’s, “I miss my girl. I miss our old life. I want things back the way they were before that afternoon. I want my son to not struggle with this. I want Lily and my whole family healed.”

I will keep it short this year, I think. Once again we’d like to thank everyone who has been following Lily’s story since the beginning, those of you who still pray and think about us. We’d like to thank those who are close to us who are there for us and just know what to do. We have awesome friends who are still friends despite the fact that we cannot always reciprocate, and for realizing we still struggle and need help. We’d like to thank the new people who have come into our lives since this has happened who have been a source of support for us (VCLC, WISH, and others). Todd and I are fortunate to have bosses and co-workers who are very flexible and understanding as we try our best to juggle work and home life. We are blessed with awesome, dedicated nurses who care for Lily as their own and help us out in countless ways that do NOT go unnoticed by us. We could not have jobs, or any other type of life activities without them.

I would personally like to thank my husband for being an amazing Dad to Lily and Bryce through all of this. I wish you could all see how much time and energy he puts into taking care of Lily. He is her Daddy and I know his heart is broken, too. I would also like to say that Bryce is an amazing, resilient young man who still struggles with all of this, too. We are so proud of him for all he has had to endure and overcome that most teenagers do not have to deal with every day.

So, please pray for our family. It’s been a difficult month overall for us for other reasons, too. I know February is the shortest month of the year, but this year it seems like it’s been here for an eternity and we cannot wait until it’s over and Spring is on the way.

Thank you all for your continued love and support. We love you all.


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Really for me, all I can say is I love you all. I wish there was more that I could for you. I am proud of your perseverance and your never give up attitude. Lily is a fighter too! Bryce puts up with our silly questions in the mist of it all. With all you have going on he has not fallen through the cracks. He may wish he had sometimes, but all those silly questions help him to know we love him. I hope you have a good day together tomorrow. Love you, Mimi.

Melissa, many of us at Redeemer care very much about your family and the struggles you face on a daily basis. The love you and Todd have for your children is inspiring. Lilli is on our prayer list and prayed for each week.

Please know that prayers for Lily do not go unnoticed! Our Heavenly Father hears each and every one of them and Lily is forever covered with His healing hands!!! God Bless, Love you Lily and your family!!!

You are my Heros. I pray for you all and you are on my mind daily. I can only throw you an occasional encouraging word of love for you, my dear friend, and I feel sad I am no help for the burdens you carry. Yet, I know you are succeeding more than you think and you will for the millionth time dig deep and find your light and share it again with your amazing family. -cheering from the sideline in awe of your daily accomplishments, ❤️.

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