Baltimore visit

Great appointments Thursday in Baltimore! Dr. Sponseller said her “hardware” looks great and we don’t need to visit him again until next year! We also had a great visit with Dr. Suskauer at KKI. We’re going to try a new medicine in a couple of weeks that she’s hoping will increase Lily’s alertness. We have to wean her off one medicine first, and then hopefully by then she will have finally kicked this sinus infection/respiratory illness she’s had for a few weeks. Once we’ve accomplished that we can start the new medicine.

As we were leaving Baltimore, we saw a couple of streets blocked off by police cars and several police and detectives combing the area. This was on the exact route out of the city we usually take. Turns out there was a double shooting in that neighborhood just a bit earlier. I read that one of the victims died. It is so sad that this type of violence is so common there. I think this was the 267th murder there this year.

This is a picture of the pants that Lily wore that day! They say “never give up” and we certainly never will!

Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers for all of us. ???image

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