OK, so I know I owe you guys a HUGE update, because I’ve been a huge slacker lately! 🙂 Where to begin?

I think my last post was about Lily’s neurology appointment at KKI. Well, that turned out to be a bust because Lily’s previous neurologist went out on medical leave, so another neurologist was assigned to her case. This new doctor didn’t really know Lily’s history very well, and we had been hoping to get the results of the last EEG she had. Unfortunately, the new doctor hadn’t gotten the chance to read it, because *I had to MAIL it (yes, snail mail)* because the facility where we had it done in Lancaster told us they could not send it for us. Wha? It’s 2015!! Can’t we somehow transmit this? Anyway, I mailed it to KKI and somehow it never got to the neuro department. Sigh. So, this appointment was kind of a bust.

And here’s a shocker (sarcasm): the request for the Easy Stand Glider was denied by both Highmark and United Healthcare (our medical assistance), so we are appealing on both fronts. Again, it’s not really a surprise that it was denied, but as I have said, if they are going to say no, they are going to have to work for it. I am not taking their no and slinking off as they hope we will do. Team Lily (rehab doctor and Schreiber therapist) have written appeal letters to both companies and we will see if anything changes.

In the meantime, our WONDERFUL church held two fundraisers for us in August and we were just STUNNED at how much was raised! So, to everyone who came and painted, or even if you couldn’t make it and donated to us–THANK YOU!! You are all so amazing!! Our church is just full of the BEST people!! Thank you all for your love and support and for being the hands and feet of Jesus!! We love you! And we also got a generous check from Choice Communications in Myerstown! Thank you so much!!

We have a couple of other funding options that we are pursuing in the event that insurance does not cover the stander. It will take a lot of work, but somehow we are going to get this for her! We’re also pursuing funding for some renovations to our house to provide a private bathroom and shower downstairs for Lily. We can get some funding from the county BH/DS so we have to get some ideas together and start the process.

The kids are back to school now. Bryce is in 10th!! grade and Lily is in 6th!! grade. 🙂 Lily is now in Landis Run Intermediate School in an MDS class. Her new teacher is great (but we miss you, Miss P!) and she has gotten to see some of her old friends. Bryce has been playing guitar like crazy and just amazes me with how good he is! He has played at Lititz Second Friday a couple of times and really enjoys playing for that.

Thanks again for all of your support, love, and prayers! It really does help us cope with the times when we struggle.

Much love!



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