I’m a little late posting this, but here is a photo of Lily and me at her graduation from Reidenbaugh Elementary to Landis Run Intermediate School. It was a fun little celebration, albeit a little bittersweet for me. I’m happy that she’s moving on to a school with her peers, but we will miss Miss Palmquist enormously because she is a wonderful, dedicated, compassionate teacher who never gave up on Lily for one second. We are so grateful for all she’s done for Lily for the past 2 years!!

It was also bittersweet because I kept thinking how this should not be happening this way. She *should* have already moved on with her friends and she should be laughing and playing with them. I try not to dwell on those thoughts too often or for too long, but I do think about that. It’s impossible not to. I’m just happy that she might get to see some of the friends she had before her accident again, and how that might be good for her.

Also, the (long, slow, frustrating) process of getting the glider for Lily has begun. The request to the insurance company (coughHighmarkcough) should be going out soon and then we’ll see what their reply is (coughdenialcough). I’m ┬ástill believing that somehow we will get it!

Thanks for your continued love and support!11406902_10153976562013957_3432161467832447511_n