Greetings from Snowmageddon 2015

Just kidding…it’s really not all that bad here, but the media would have you believe that we’re all going to be snowed in for days and you’d better have milk, bread and eggs or else! However, I do like snowy evenings when activities are canceled, so we have to slow down and just hang out together as a family.

Lily has been doing pretty well since her trip to the hospital in December. We are keeping an eye on her (ahem) “output” and making sure we stay on top of it before she ends up in that situation again. We joke about it, but it can get very serious very quickly if we do not keep ahead of it. Her teacher has reported some sessions with good eye gazes, which is great. We try to be happy with any small accomplishments.

This is a hard time of year for us, with the anniversary of her accident coming up next month. I am still amazed at how much Lily has been through and how strong and resilient she is. She is a fighter and does not give up. She is my inspiration and strength. I wish more than anything that I could take all of this away from her and take it on myself. We just try to give her the best quality of life we can and let her know how loved, adored, and needed she is.

Can I just give a shout out to my husband? He is truly the greatest dad ever. He is absolutely dedicated to taking care of Lily and gives so much time and energy to her needs. Many men would have ditched this life a long time ago, but Todd continues to be our rock. He loves our children and is a huge supporter of me and my job and other activities I do (for my sanity). I honestly don’t know what we would do without him.

That’s about it from here for now. Thanks for your continued love and prayers.


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