Visitors, Acupuncture, Mommy!

Quick weekend update everyone. Lily had a restful day. We started with some bedside occupational therapy, followed up by a solid stretching session during physical therapy. For some reason Lily was very stiff this morning. As is our usual, after PT we bopped down to the Therapy Center for some music and dancing before lunch.

While we were eating lunch we had our first visitors of the afternoon. Lily’s teacher – Ms. Palmquist and her mom, Mrs. Palmquist! It was a lovely visit – Mrs. Palmquist brought me some milk chocolate covered macadamia nuts (yum!) and Ms. Palmquist brought Lily cards from her classmates. In addition to the cards and nuts they also brought some new stuffed friends for Lily.

Lily and the Ladies Palmquist.

As they were finishing up their visit Nanny and Pop arrived! (That’s Melissa’s parents) thanks go out to them for bringing lunch.

While Melissa’s parents were visiting the Johns Hopkin’s acupuncturist stopped by and did a quick 15 minute session for Lily. His goal was to help improve the performance of her digestive system. (i.e. helping to get things moving and grooving.)

After acupuncturst left, we went downstairs to the therapy center and played games until Melissa arrived. As soon as Lily heard Melissa’s voice she turned and made eye contact with her. She sure did miss her Mom! Melissa brought more cards from home, so while Lily was getting ready for dinner she read the cards to her.

Okay, I’m beat. I’m going to end this post with a picture of Lily’s new friends.

Owly and Ben the Bear



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