The Night Owl went Bowling

Remember how I was happy to see Lily awake for most of the afternoon yesterday? Well she decided to see how far she could take it and was awake until 4am!

The nurse said she was calm, just not sleepy. I've heard the same thing from Lily's night nurses, so I'm not too surprised.

Despite getting only 5 hours of sleep I managed to wake her up for her morning OT and PT sessions. More switch work, more sensory work, and more stretching.

After her workout I took her down to the therapy center just in time for a game of Left Center Right. I love dice games, but have never played this one. It was fun to play. After that game we got to “Bowl for Prizes”. Lily did pretty good bowling and we picked out Moon Sand as our prize. (It's a pretty green color with a butterfly mold built into the lid.) Before heading back upstairs for lunch we listened to some music with Lily's roommate. Lily's roommate is a HUGE Michael Jackson fan so of course we listened to some of his greatest hits.

I have to give a shout out the therapists that work down in the Therapy Center. I am amazed at their ability to coordinate activities with an ever changing group of patients who have a wide variety of physical and emotional needs. Everyone participates in each activity – even if you can't talk, in a wheelchair or on a stretcher. They have a knack for making everyone feel special and included – even me 🙂

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  1. Healthcare workers, OT and PT as well as nurses are all gifts from God. If it wasn’t for their manna from heaven, the endless devotion and their ability to reach in and touch our souls. We would never see all of God’s gifts. We are all touched by these very ‘Angels’ and our days and lives are better for it.

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