Switches, Sitting and Snoozing

microlight switch

Lily had good afternoon sessions. In OT we made some progress working with microlight switches. We placed the switch in her right hand where her middle two fingers could squeeze the switch like a trigger. interesting observation: each time she activated the trigger she also moved her right foot. not sure what to make of it, but the therapist made a note. Her PT session consisted of her sitting on the edge of the table and getting a good neck and shoulder stretch.

I met the new attending doctor today. Her goal is to compress Lily’s feeds a little bit more everyday until we are back at our goal. Also we are going to be increasing her Keppra starting tonight, so I am hoping to see some increased awareness from Lily in the next couple of days. As she continues to improve we may consider adding a stimulant to the mix while we are still in an environment where she is closely monitored.

When Lily plays hard she sleeps hard, so she fell asleep as soon as I got her back in her wheelchair. Despite sleeping she was able to create this cute as a button craft down in the therapy center.

We also had a visit from Grendel the therapy dog. This gentle giant came in to visit, but Lily slept right through that too!



Regardless, I did manage to get a picture of the two of them together. Hopefully she will be awake for his next visit.

That’s all for tonight. Signing off from RMH Baltimore.

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