Singing and dancing the morning away.

It was a real musical number this morning at KKI. We started the morning wide awake at 8:30am when I arrived. Lily was laying in bed watching the TV very intensely. During our first morning OT session we did some more switch work. It took Lily a few minutes to warm up, but as you can see in the video she is working hard to move her hand to hit the switch. Near the end of the session her response time was much quicker.

We had a break before PT, so we went down to the Therapy Center where Lily cleaned up in two games of Toss Your Cookies and we got to sing karaoke! Lily’s roommate was there so of course we sang a Michael Jackson song. (His songs go on forever!)

In PT Lily had a good stretch and I got checked off on her stretching exercises. Not only does the staff work with the patient, but they make sure the caregiver knows what they need to take care of their child once they are out of the hospital. In my case it was just a refresher, but it’s important to master the basics! The therapists work hard to make the therapy seem like play, so we also learned about a new dance called “The Dougie”

We had a group sensory class before we could break for lunch. Joanne woke Lily up with some intense smells (lemon, cinnamon and grape), rubbed her arms with ice (Brrr!) and played with a glowlight. (Annoying)

Our afternoon session is pretty light, just PT and acupuncture, but I’m sure I’ll have something to share.

Signing off from KKI.

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Thanks for there video Todd and for all the notes about Lily. I read them as they come in but with this newer format and not the Care Page where the comment box was more obvious, I forget to comment .
Keep up the good work Lily and co.
Go Team Lily!!!

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