Rainy days, Mondays, and no Day Nurse always gets me down.

Well with the weekend over it is time to get back to work. The list of items I was hoping to accomplish today is going to be slightly complicated by the fact we don’t have a day nurse. (sad trombone) Miscommunication happens, but I spoke with the scheduler and we will have a day nurse the rest of the week and she is already trying to figure out how to make up the hours for us.

One of the first things I worked on when we got home was Lily’s stander. While we are still going to limit her time and angle in the stander until we can get her orthotics figured out, it is important part of her day so I adjusted it first thing.

Pain management is still a priority, she has had Tylenol around the clock since surgery, though we have been cutting back on both the dosage and frequency. I couldn’t figure out what was bothering her this morning, but then it dawned on me. Time for Tylenol!



With Lily’s weird sleep pattern this weekend she only had a single dose of her Ritalin, but I’m going to make sure she gets both doses today. I’m going to keep her awake today, so she can sleep tonight! Speaking of sleep I am back to my more typical 6 hours or less a night, so at least that is back to normal. 🙂

Fortunately Bryce is home from school today observing the sacred holiday that is Columbus Day, so he will be doing what he can to keep us awake.



Signing off from Home.

2 replies on “Rainy days, Mondays, and no Day Nurse always gets me down.”

Ah , what’s a house without a teenage boy playing his electric guitar?!?!?
Go Bryce!
It’s good to see Lily standing so tall after the op.

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