Rainbow Looms and Ritalin

Rainbow bracelet Lily made in the therapy center

Okay, we are starting the week off on the right foot – literally. We taped up her right foot this morning to help stretch the ankle out.

We compressed her feeding time down to our goal rate – still a little uncomfortable but much better than last week. I had to slow lunch down a bit today.

On the medicine front we are going to start pushing out how often she get her pain medicine to every 6 hours (as opposed to every 4 hours) She is still getting the increased Keppra, which is probably making her sleepy. She is scheduled to have follow up EEG this week to see if it is reducing her seizures. It is helping will keep the new dose, and if it doesn't appear to be doing anything we may go back to the lower dose and try something else.

Speaking of something completely different we are adding ritalin to her med list. We are going to see how it impacts her awareness. This is supposed to be a quick acting drug, so we are hoping to see results today or tomorrow.

Signing off from KKI.


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