Of Ironing Boards and Cannollis

Here we are in the beginning of our last week at KKI. Overall, today has a been a relatively quiet day for Lily. She was able to sleep in while Melissa and I ate breakfast at the Ronald McDonald House. When we got to KKI we had to stretch her out in bed for a couple of minutes before she was limber enough to sit in her wheelchair. It had been 17 hours since she was last out of bed!

How Lily felt first thing this morning.

At home she gets to bed around 8pm and is up about 12 hours later. Her night nurses do a great job of doing range of motion exercises as part of the morning routine and we work with her at night, so getting her into her chair has never really been as issue. In this settting the nurses do not have time to do it, and I hadn’t been thinking about it because she has been recovering from surgery.

Once we got into the chair we headed down to the Therapy Center for a little socializing. Weekends are pretty laid back down there. During the week there is a scheduled activity ever 30 minutes, but on the weekends it’s “free time”. Today we played with some play-doh, watched a game of Jenga, and started watching a Monster High DVD that Melissa brought down for Lily. Apparently Monster High is all the rage with 10 year old girls. 🙂

After we got Lily settled back into her room for her lunch, we decided to head down to Little Italy to celebrate our 18th year of marriage. We had a lovely lunch at Amiccis, and followed it up with dessert at Vaccaro’s Italian Pastry Shop Melissa doesn’t like pictures of food, but I had to take a picture of this dessert. I forget what is was called (Cannoli Go-diva maybe?) but it was delicious. Cannoli cake with two types of gelato and homemade whipped cream all of it drizzled in Godiva liqueur. Try as we might, we couldn’t finish it.

Before heading back to KKI we stopped to watch a Columbus Day Parade pass by. We had great view from the parking garage and it beat sitting in traffic because of it. 🙂

Melissa stayed until about 5pm snuggling Lily in bed while I hammered out this blog post….

Back at RMH now, no dinner this evening so I had some of the chicken and a rice casserole that Melissa brought down for me. Thanks to whoever made it!

Finally, I thought I would close this post out with our anniversary selfie. Keeping a marriage together is hard work. Especially with the additional stress we have incurred in the past 3.5 years. Thanks to all of our friends and family who have pitched in. We couldn’t have done it without you!




  1. Happy Anniversary!! Love you both! So glad you were able to carve some time for yourselves with the crazy life you’ve been thrown into!! Love and kisses to Lily and Bryce!

  2. You both look pretty good after 18 years of marriage and all of the stress. It must be the “Bowman” genes. I am proud of both of you for your ability to handle things the way you have. You are both very special and I love you. I can’t believe It has been 18 years, but here’s to many more.

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