Milo and a Massage


After getting our stretch on in PT, we went downstairs to the Therapy Center just as they were opening up a new shipment from Amazon. Inside the package was a collection of new DVDs, including the The Lego Movie! While we were watching the movie one of the therapists made me a rainbow loom bracelet. (Lily helped pick out the colors I just had to pretend I couldn't hear them.)

After dinner and getting ready for bed we had two visitors. The first visitor was Milo the dog – and this time Lily was awake! we brought the bed down low and he put his paws up on the mattress. Lily got a good look at him and he almost got Baby Jaguar! He is okay though – what's a little slobber between friends?

Later as I was getting ready to leave a massage therapist came in and gave Lily a nice relaxing massage.

Once I got back to RMH and learned that the Raven's cheerleaders squad stopped by this evening. I wish we would have gotten some advance notice on that 😉

Signing off from RMH Baltimore.



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