It’s the Final Countdown…

… before I go back to work. So, today is the last day I have to wrap up all of my Lily related projects before I have to dive back into the tsunami of work (starting with my work Inbox).  It has been almost a week since my last update, so let me fill you in on where we are at.

Working on the orthotics.

Last Thursday night was the first night back to Schreiber since her operation. Everyone remarked at how tall she is now!  In her speech session we reviewed the successful switch access we uncovered while in the hospital, and talked about how we plan to replicate that for her at home.

In PT we stretched out a little bit and we were introduced to  new physical therapist who happens to specialize in feet!  Which careful readers of this blog will recall is currently one of the issues we are having with Lily.  After examining her feet she had a number of suggestions about how we can modify her orthotics for a more comfortable fit, so with some foam and tape she made some temporary modifications.  Once we get the fit right we can use some more permanent materials.

non-traditional jack-o-lantern.


Homebound instruction has been going well.  Ms. Palmquist stops by after school and works with Lily for about 90 minutes.  They even make a few crafts!

Speaking of crafts, I have been doing a little crafting myself. As I mentioned in my previous post, I picked up parts to build some  battery interrupters. They may not look as pretty as the manufactured ones, but they get the job done.

Building things with solder!
Building things with solder!



The most challenging part of this project is finding a cheap, but compelling toy to adapt. As gadget friendly as we are I couldn’t find any toys around the house that would work, so I made a trip to a few local stores but came up empty. I think I may need to head out to the “As Seen on TV” store!



Finally, I’m sure a few of you are waiting on the edge of your seat wondering whether we decided on using a Chromebook or a Windows tablet for Lily’s switch access.

<Insert drum roll here>

And the winner is….the Acer Chromebook  CB3-111,  weighing in at just 2.43 pounds this Intel powered beauty will run all day long and at $200 it was the most cost effective solution that included a built-in kitten screen cleaner 🙂

Kitten screen cleaner!
Kitten screen cleaner!

In addition to the screen cleaner, Chrome comes with some nice accessibility options. (Spoken feedback, large mouse cursor, screen magnifier, on screen keyboard, etc)

I ordered the chromebook from Amazon and it arrived in two days.  The switches I ordered directly from the manufacturer, so I am still waiting on them to arrive.  I was hoping to have everything setup and working before I went back to work, but oh well.

Alright, I have to get moving.  Look for more updates later this week.  Signing off.


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Have you thought of having your local school contact you local intermediate unit to perhaps provide the battery interrupters, switches and hardware and software to help adapt to Lily’s education? Just a thought.

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