Goldilocks and the Three Slings.

So what did Lily do this afternoon you ask? She just hung around while we tested slings and figured out how to use the Hoyer lift.

This sling is too big and feels like a hammock.

Not everyone who works with Lily feels like picking her up by themselves, and I cannot always be around to do “Lily-ups” so we need to make sure that anyone who needs to can safely use the lift. KKI checked with the surgeon to make sure it was safe to put her in the sling (it is) and we worked together this afternoon to identify which size sling is best suited for Lily.

Oddly, the documentation only differentiates the sling sizes by how much weight they can carry, and not how tall the patient might be.

The “small” size sling can carry Lily's weight with no problem. But it's so short half of her body is hanging out of it.

In the picture, Lily is in a “large” sling. It's so big I could use it. So like Goldilocks we are still looking for a sling that fits “just right”.

Unfortunately KKI did not have a “just right” sling in stock (medium) that we could take with us, but we can use the large sling for now until we could order a more appropriately sized sling from our equipment vendor.

Afterwards LIly went downstairs and won a few rounds of Uno – that girl is a good luck charm when it comes to board and card games. 🙂 While Lily was eating I was treated to about 20 pounds of chicken, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, cornbread and cookies brought out to me by friend I haven't seen in 30 years!

Together for the first time since 4th grade!

The last time all saw Suzanne was in 4th grade (so some time in the 80's), but thanks to magic of the internet and Facebook we were able to reconnect. She knows what hospital life can be like, and how good fresh food can help make things a little better, so I really appreciate her taking time out of her busy life to come visit me and meet Lily.

While recovering from my food coma I started to pack up Lily's room. Hopefully we can make a clean getaway tomorrow before lunchtime. I will try to post an update, but no guarantees. See you tomorrow.

Signing off from RMH Baltimore.

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Safe Travels home!!! Enjoyed the posts, and keeping track of Lily’s progress through this big adventure. Continued prayers for healing and progress!!! Go Lily!! 🙂

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