Friday Night iPad

Quick update tonight, the batteries in my bluetooth keyboard are dying. Pooky please bring some AAs.

Lily's afternoon was pretty good. We tried to eat lunch at our “at home” rate, but we had to slow it down after about 45 minutes. Getting closer everyday, we will see how she does this weekend and then have the doctor increase the rate on Monday.

During our OT session we worked with an iPad. Joanne observed that Lily seemed to really respond to the iPad when it was right above her head which forced Lily to look upward at it. This was interesting observation, and something we will continue to work on here and hopefully at home.

During our PT session I talked with the therapist about identifying a solution for Lily right foot. She keeps turning it outward and is driving her weight through her ankle. We talked through a couple of different solutions, but we are going to start with the easiest and least invasive option first. Kinesio Tape.

The hope is we can relax the muscles that are causing her to twist her foot, which in turn will allow her to use her splints, which in turn will allow her to safely use the stander and gait trainer without fear of skin breakdown on her foot (or even damage to her ankle long term.)

Alright, that's it for tonight. Signing off from RMH Baltimore.


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