First weekend home

Lily is getting settled back in at home. She didn’t sleep well last night. We think it had to do with the tummy issues she’s been having. Once she did her business she fell asleep and was out for most of the morning. She rested until lunch time and then got up into her stander for a bit. We’re trying to get back into her “home” routine as much as possible. She is starting back on Ritalin today, which is a drug used for people with ADHD, but in people with brain injuries it has been shown to help with alertness. We’re hoping to see some good changes from this.

Todd and I were able to attend church today for the first time since Lily’s surgery. It had only been a few weeks since we were at church but it seemed like forever. I really missed our church family and was so glad to be back. We’re hoping that Lily will be able to come with us again within the next few weeks. We’re very grateful to the Wetzels, the Bitners, the Jennings, the Houcks, the Masts, the Weavers, Deirdre Frauman, Kathryn Fournier, and Jenine Nicholas for the yummy meals they provided for us!

Thanks for your prayers and love!



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