Fairy Tales and Protocols

Makalya's card to Lily
Good afternoon everybody. Today is the last full of therapies at KKI. Lily is working hard as usual while I am talking with all of the therapists and doctors, finalizing protocols and prescriptions. Our plan is to be home in time for a late lunch, but who knows.
In OT we did more switch work and I talked with the therapist about our switch options. I am excited about the possibility of being able to communicate with my daughter – if even in a limited fashion for now.
In PT we just stretched out and measured her range of motion. Lily was busy down in the Therapy Center though. She played a dice game of “For Get It”, worked on a crown and created a fairy tale scene.
So far today, I have touched base with the doctor, the resident, the nutritionist, the social worker, and the previously mentioned occupational therapist. This afternoon I will be working with both the physical therapist and the occupational therapist as we test Lily out in a hoyer lift and go over the protocol to transfer her with the sling.
Signing off from KKI.

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