Everybody needs a scrip.

I know everyone got used to twice daily updates while Lily was in the hospital, but I’m afraid I cannot keep up that pace now that we are home. Once her day nurse leaves Melissa and I are on duty until 11pm at night, and that means one of us is taking care of Lily while the other is handling everything else that is needs to get done in a typical household after a busy day of work.

Lily and Daisy working hard.

Fortunately we have had a day nurse these past two days, so I have been free to follow up with the doctors,therapists and equipment vendors. Like the title states, everyone needs a new prescription. Either to change a med, add a med, restart a therapy, or to order a new piece of equipment. I’ve also been able to track down the two new “Over-The-Counter” medicines we added to the list. The last step of this process is to meet with Lily’s nurse case manager to document all of the changes – hopefully tomorrow.

Today Lily got a haircut (Thanks Jess!) and it was also the first day of Homebound instruction. (Thanks Ms. Palmquist!) Lily will be staying home for another week before she heads back to school.

In addition to getting everything sorted out with Lily since we’ve gotten home I’ve had to troubleshoot a variety of household issues. Since coming home last Friday I’ve worked on the garage door, a ceiling fan, the furnace, and the clothes washer. I’ve tracked down and ordered parts for the fan and the washer. The garage door and furnace are currently working but may need some additional TLC by “future” Todd.

This afternoon I was able to sit down, do some research, and order a switch interface and two adaptive switches to allow Lily to interact and hopefully communicate with us. I also picked up some parts to build some battery interrupters that will allow us to adapt simple battery operated devices to switch access.

I’m looking forward to getting this setup working for Lily, but I’m not sure whether we are going to use a Chromebook or a Windows tablet. More research is required.

Jess and Lily post-haircut

Signing off for now.

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