Care Packages and Fresh Pillows

Unless I get an early start on the evening posts they tend to be a little short (Sorry for that). We got our sweat on this afternoon, so Lily and I put up our hair to keep it out of our eyes. We went with a double french braid for Lily, while I opted for a simple headband.

Post PT selfie - Lily was expressing her opinion about my hairband.

Because of our EEG appointment we didn’t have time to go down to the Therapy Center this afternoon, but that didn’t keep them from coming to see us. We met Elfie, our fourth therapy dog. She was a tiny dog and climbed up onto bed with Lily. She was so cute, but I think both us are ready to go home to Daisy and the cats!

Elfie chilling with Lily

When I got back to RMH I was greeted with two surprises! The first, a care package from Team Reber and a note from the office to trade in my pillows for brand new ones!

Thanks to the Rebers for the package, I cannot wait to share it with Lily tomorrow and I look forward to sleeping on fresh pillows tonight!

Tomorrow is going to be our last full day of therapies at KKI, so we are going to need to bring our “A” game!

Signing off from RMH Baltimore.


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If this were Facebook, I would like this picture, but on this site you have to comment. I like this picture a lot!! 🙂

I think Lily has the right idea with the headband, it looks a little tight. We will be glad to have you home and I know Daisy misses you both. Piper has been sleeping on Lily’s bed since she left. Lily will have to kick him out when she gets home. Nice care packages!

I love the headband! And Lily’s facial expression sums it up–like that Jimmy Fallon character says, “Ewwwwhh!” complete with the eye roll. hahaha I love you both and can’t wait for you to come home.

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