Busy morning of singing and stretching

Lily had a busy morning working out in both the OT and PT gym with breaks in between for singing and dancing down in the Therapy center. It was nice to see her awake for the entire morning. She took a few cat naps when transitioning between activities, but everyone got a good look at her big blue eyes this morning!

During our first morning visit to the therapy center we had music class. We had a lot of fun shaking a big purple maraca and singing along with the therapists. It was just dads and their kids this morning, but we had a great time singing Part of Your World from the Little Mermaid. Lily used to hate it when I sang that song to her 🙂

At lunchtime we checked out her incision. It is healing nicely but the area by her shoulders it a litte irritated from transfers and working out on her back, so we will keep using the bandage during the day to help protect it, but remove it at night so it can breathe. Also we are going to keep her off her back by positioning her only on her left or right side while in bed.

Really, it looks good.


I look forward to see how it looks in morning. We may be able to stop bandaging it altogether in a few days. This afternoon is a mix of more of the same. OT, PT, and the Therapy center. Look for another update tonight and thanks for following along.

Signing off from KKI.


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