She’s in OR now

They just took Lily back to the OR about 10 minutes ago. We had been back in the prep area with her for about an hour and a half before that. The anesthesiologists, surgical residents, and ortho nurse came in and took her vitals, asked a ton of questions, and answered our questions.

Only one of us was allowed to go back to the OR with her, so I was with her right up until she fell asleep. I had to put on a gown, mask, and hair cover (Todd took a lovely picture of me, which I have forbidden him to publish). I got to stay with her and talk to her until they put the oxygen mask on her (which she did not like). The team has a little “cue” they use to let the parents know when it’s time for them to leave–“give her a little kiss on the cheek!” That is their polite way of saying “get out, crazy mom!” hahaha  So, I left and told them all to take care of my girl, which they all promised to do.

We got some more (gory) details about the procedure. It is good to know more about what they will actually be doing and the affect that will have on her body. (Squeamish alert: Do NOT read further if you are squeamish!). So, they will drill a hole on each side of the top of her pelvis, then they will insert two screws, which will be capped. They will insert the titanium rods into the caps on the screws and so the rods will be “fused” to her pelvis. The rods will be attached to her spine as well. She will still be able to bend over,  but only from the waist and she will not be able to crouch or curve her back. Otherwise, she will have pretty normal movement. Pain management and infection prevention will be the top priorities for the next few days, but the nurse said she should be able to get up in her chair within the next 24 hours or so.

The team would not give a definite on how long the procedure will take. The ortho nurse said she will call us to let us know when the incision has been made, and then every two hours after that. It may be up to an hour and a half until they actually do the incision.

So, we’re sitting in the lounge and waiting and praying. Thank you for all of your prayers and support so far. Keep the prayers going!

Thank you!






  1. The attendant just came out to let us know that they have started the procedure. Next update will be around noon. Thanks for following and commenting!

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