I was welcomed to find two new friends for Lily when I got back to the room last night. I am going to take them over to the hospital so they can meet.


I know she ten, but I’m sure she will enjoy them. 🙂

Lily’s team was just here to do rounds. Dr. Sponseller seemed very pleased with how she is doing and said she can move to the step-down unit today as soon as they can have a room ready!! Yay Lily!!

She had an OK night. The nurse increased her pain meds just a bit and put them on continuous delivery because we agreed that she was uncomfortable. However, everything else looks great, so we are being kicked out of PICU!! 🙂

I stayed with Lily last night and it was a rough night for me. The couch I slept on was sooooo uncomfortable! Todd and I will be trading off later this morning and I’ll go back to RMH to sleep. In a bed. 🙂

One last post before I officially collapse for the night. Lily is doing fine in the PICU. She is on a steady but small dose of hydromorphone for pain. She is also receiving Tylenol intermittently. Her nurse came in a little while ago and said she has no movement restrictions so PT and OT will probably be here tomorrow to get her up in her chair and maybe do some other work with her. She also said they expect her to “fly out of here” to the PACU by sometime tomorrow. This is all great news!
Todd and I got to go out for a quick dinner after we checked into the RMH. We ate at this great place called Ale Mary’s and it was just what we needed. It was good to get out of the hospital after a very long day.

I am spending the night here. I wish more than anything that I could snuggle up in bed next to Lily, but she has so many tubes and wires attached to her at the moment. I want to make everything all better and comfort her. All I can do is sit by her side and rub her head. She is so tough and brave and I love her so much!!

Thank you all for the prayers, love, and support today. It means the world to is to know we are being lifted up on your prayers. God is gracious and answered our prayers for a smooth surgery and best possible outcome. I thank him for giving me the strength to make it through the day.

Until tomorrow–goodnight from Lily and me!!

We just saw Lily for the first time. She looks pretty good, considering. Her face is swollen from having been face down for 5 1/2 hours. Poor baby looks like she was in a fight–but you should see the other guy! Ha! She is still groggy but was awake a little bit. She is the toughest, most badass chick ever. I cannot believe how much she has been through but still has fight left.

She will most likely remain in PICU for 24 hours, then can go to the step down unit after that if she’s doing well. I am going to spend the night in her room tonight. We did get a room at the Ronald McDonald House so Todd is going to go there tonight and get some sleep. I may go over there tomorrow during the day and get some sleep also.

Thanks again for your prayers and support!! We will continue to update!

Lily.jpg The surgeon just came out and said Lily is out of surgery and everything went very well and there were no complications. Praise God! We are still waiting to go back to be with her. Thank you all for your prayers throughout today. We will update later after we get to see her. Much much love from us.

So…to pass the time and keep from freaking out, I created a playlist of some songs that I love and that I thought would encourage me and help me trust and have faith. Here are some of the songs:

Always–Kristian Stanfill
None But Jesus–Brooke Fraser
Blessed be Your Name–Matt Redman
Take Heart–Hillsong United
Sovereign–Chris Tomlin
Came to My Rescue–Hillsong United
10,000 Reasons—Matt Redman
You Never Let Go–Matt Redman
Aftermath–Hillsong United
Oceans–Hillsong United
In Christ Alone–Kristian Stanfill
Desert Song–Brooke Fraser
With Everything–Hillsong United
Broken Vessels–Hillsong Worship
I am Not Alone-Kari Jobe (I played this for Lily before her surgery)

They just took Lily back to the OR about 10 minutes ago. We had been back in the prep area with her for about an hour and a half before that. The anesthesiologists, surgical residents, and ortho nurse came in and took her vitals, asked a ton of questions, and answered our questions.

Only one of us was allowed to go back to the OR with her, so I was with her right up until she fell asleep. I had to put on a gown, mask, and hair cover (Todd took a lovely picture of me, which I have forbidden him to publish). I got to stay with her and talk to her until they put the oxygen mask on her (which she did not like). The team has a little “cue” they use to let the parents know when it’s time for them to leave–“give her a little kiss on the cheek!” That is their polite way of saying “get out, crazy mom!” hahaha  So, I left and told them all to take care of my girl, which they all promised to do.

We got some more (gory) details about the procedure. It is good to know more about what they will actually be doing and the affect that will have on her body. (Squeamish alert: Do NOT read further if you are squeamish!). So, they will drill a hole on each side of the top of her pelvis, then they will insert two screws, which will be capped. They will insert the titanium rods into the caps on the screws and so the rods will be “fused” to her pelvis. The rods will be attached to her spine as well. She will still be able to bend over,  but only from the waist and she will not be able to crouch or curve her back. Otherwise, she will have pretty normal movement. Pain management and infection prevention will be the top priorities for the next few days, but the nurse said she should be able to get up in her chair within the next 24 hours or so.

The team would not give a definite on how long the procedure will take. The ortho nurse said she will call us to let us know when the incision has been made, and then every two hours after that. It may be up to an hour and a half until they actually do the incision.

So, we’re sitting in the lounge and waiting and praying. Thank you for all of your prayers and support so far. Keep the prayers going!

Thank you!