Travel Logistics

2014-09-15 18.01.55Since a few people have asked I thought I’d post the travel logistics for the day of her surgery.

We have been told to arrive at Johns Hopkins Children’s hospital by 5:30AM tomorrow morning.  That is not what time her surgery starts, that is just the time we need to be there so they can start prepping her for surgery.  Since we live about an hour and half away we are planning to leave around 3:30AM (who know what kind of overnight construction we may run into).

Between the time this message is posted and our scheduled departure we have to finish packing, prep meds, wash Lily down with a special antibacterial washcloth the surgeon provided for us, eat some food and get some sleep.  Fortunately, Lily’s night-time nurse has volunteered to come in early, so hopefully we can get a few hours of rest before go time.



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