Switches, standers and a quart of oil.

Stander time.

Sorry for the premature post earlier, I thought I should include some words with these pictures. πŸ™‚

The focus of today's OT workout was switch access. The therapist worked with Lily and tried to identify which switch (if any) Lily could use to make music play on the computer. She definitely was moving the fingers on her right hand on command, but it was still hard for her to actuate the switch. We did have better luck in our second session when the switch was connected to a fan. While not the primary focus of our visit it would be great if we could identify a piece of adaptive technology that Lily could use consistently.

As you can see from the picture we got Lily into the stander for the first time since her surgery. She was up to about 70 degrees, but only for about 15 minutes before getting clammy.

Another issue we need to keep our eye on is the external rotation of her right foot. Because her right foot is twisting outward, the weight of her body is being driven through her ankle bone instead of her foot. Not only is this painful, but it irritates the skin around her ankle bone (think rug burn). The therapist is being very cautious about this so we may have to forego standing until we come up with a solution.



Tonight was a nice change of pace. Instead of heading back to RMH after putting Lily to bed, I instead went out to dinner with two of my friends from Lancaster.

I had to take them back to Mission BBQ for a few reasons. One, the food was great and I wanted to sample the rest of their menu. Two, I knew how to get to it and I wouldn't have to pay to park. Three, it was near a Target and I needed to buy nail clippers for Lily and quart of oil for the van.

After a great meal and a Target run I got these guys back to a Metro station just as the cops were finishing up an arrest. πŸ™‚ I asked them to send me a picture from the Metro as proof of life. (See above) As far as I know they made it back to PA safely. Thanks for coming down guys!

Signing off from RMH Baltimore.


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  1. My my Lily, you look so TALL standing (not that u didn’t before surgery) but now taller!!! Keep pushing pretty girl!!!! Glad u got out with friends Todd!! πŸ™‚

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