Someone has a case of the “Mondays”.

First day of our work week and Lily is ready to go! After a good night of sleep we had a 30 minute OT session where Lily was stretched out, and I got checked off on one person transfers This makes life easier for us, we won't have to wait for a nurse to get Lily in and out of her wheelchair.

From OT we rolled right into an hour long PT session where after more stretching we sat on the edge of the table and practiced holding up our head. I also received PT's blessing to do one person transfers now.

After our workout we went downstairs to the play center and worked on a craft until it as time for lunch.

While Lily was having her lunch, I had the first of the homecooked meals that Melissa brought down for me to eat. Enchiladas and rice -Yummy!

Lily doesn't have any therapies scheduled this afternoon, but I do have her steering meeting at 3:30pm, so I am sure to have mre information to share tonight.

Signing off from KKI.


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