Morning Workout, Afternoon Visitors

Stretching those hammies!

Lily started her day with an 8:30am PT session – she was in the gym working out before I even made it over to KKI!

In the picture she is learning the importance of stretching out her hamstrings with her new friend Brittany!

After PT we spent sometime downstairs watching the movie Tangled, but we headed back to bed the moment she started to feel a little clammy. (She had been in her chair for about an hour at that point.)

A short rest in bed, then it was time for OT. She spent most of the session trying out a bunch of different smells.


After OT we had some visitors! Mimi and Grandpa (my parents) came down to visit us.

While Lily ate her lunch,my parents and I walked over to Johns Hopkins for a little food of our own.

After their visit Lily and I just bummed around until dinner. No big plans on the agenda tonight other than washing our hair.


Since I was a little late getting this out, and it’s a slow news day I think this will be our only update today. If something important occurs I will let you know. Also, thanks for reading and following Lily’s progress. We enjoy seeing how many people are reading her story, and I enjoy reading the comments to Lily – so feel free to leave us a comment!

Signing off from KKI.



  1. It’s great to see Lily doing so well. Thanks for all the updates.
    (With this new format I forgot there was a comment section!)
    Love GailXXXX

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