Folding Laundry

Sorry this post was late going up but I had to fold laundry. Anyone who knows me well, knows my stance on folding laundry. I thought long and hard about just living out of the laundry basket, but in the end I did it anyway. (Not well, but it is done. )

We had Lily's steering meeting this afternoon. Basically all of the different disciplines involved in Lily's case get together and review the course of action for her time at KKI. I had a more detailed post but I deleted it by accident, so long story short we are going to be here for the next two weeks working to get Lily back into fighting shape. October 10th is our initial discharge date, but that can change due to a variety of factors.



On a final note, we had our first visitor of the animal kind. Badger the therapy dog. Lily got to rub his ears and he licked her hand.


Signing off from RMH Baltimore.


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