Arts and Crafts and EEGs

Lily was sleeping soundly this morning when I came into her room this morning. Probably the best night of sleep she has gotten in a few weeks. Our first OT session wasn’t until 9:30, so I let her sleep in a little bit. Besides she can be grumpy if woken early :-). While she was still snoozing the doctors stopped by to discuss her progress. She is still losing weight, which is expected after a surgery of this magnitude so we are going to bump her food volume up a little bit to help her gain some weight. (Her little body is burning calories to heal that incision.)

File photo of EEG

Also, after surgery there was a few days when Lily’s GI tract was taking a break (or on strike), so they had to temporarily switch all of her meds to IV. During that time I noticed an increased level of alertness when Lily was awake. I mentioned this to the doctor, and she thought maybe that Lily is not absorbing the medicine in her stomach as effectively as when it was delivered via the IV, so we are going to increase her that particular medicine and see how she does.

Because her seizures can be subtle we will be having EEGs done before and after the increase of the medicine to measure it’s effect. Our first EEG is scheduled for tomorrow, which fortunately coincides with hairwashing day. (The probe glue is so sticky!)

When not working out in the gym, Lily is down in the Therapy Center. Here is an example of just one of the crafts we have made so far.

Melissa's birthday present!


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