Afternoon pit crew

Mr. Mike and Kerry tweaking Lily's seat.

After lunch Lily had PT session and then went downstairs for a round of play therapy. (I think she might have whipped together a present for mommy!) While Lily was crafting away I met with our social worker.

Everyone who comes to KKI is assigned a social worker who acts as a liaison between the patient’s family and the medical staff. After dealing with some of the same doctors for the past 3 years I feel comfortable interacting with them directly, but it’s always nice to have someone advocating for you who is also familiar with all the ins and outs of the institution.

Afterwards I collected Lily and went back to her room to get her our of her chair. Two hours might be pushing it right now as her skin was clammy to the touch, but I got her a comfortable in bed and the nurse gave her some Tylenol and she settled down.

Saturday is like a half day when it comes to the therapy schedule and Sunday is completely unscheduled, but we are expecting a few visitors so that should work out nicely.

Signing off from RMH Baltimore.

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